BY Jimi Starr

Memoirs of a Mack

“MEMOIRS OF A MACK” is reflective of a series of mental snippets of the system of capital, Free Market Enterprise, and the dynamics of “Supply and Demand.” When Capital has nothing left to sell, it will sell itself. Prostitution is a symptom of the disease known, as Capital.

Sex is a Global Commodity, with a recognized monetary value and a shelf life, which is for sale, in the World Marketplace. If there were no societal demand for sex within the World Marketplace, there would be no need for supply. Sex will sell when cotton and corn won’t.


Jimi Starr

Greetings, I am Jim Starr, Master Pimp retired and author of the Cult Classic, “PIMP TALES series’.  “Memoirs’ Of A Mack” is most probably the most significant and informative discourses on the lifestyle known as The Game, since the Institution of Time Memorial, until date. I conclude that no pimp on planet Earth today or yesterday can dispel this tale, on game, in the fashion that this author can.

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