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Greetings, I am Jim Starr, Master Pimp retired and author of the cult classic, “PIMP TALES series”. “Memoirs of A Mack” is the most significant and informative discourse on the lifestyle known as The Game, since the institution of civilization, at the dawning of time memorial, until date. I conclude that no pimp on planet Earth, today or yesterday can dispel this tale on game in the fashion that this author can. “Memoirs of A Mack” descends deeper into the lifestyle and sheds a greater enlightenment on the lifestyle known as The Game than any other read of its kind or of our time. The “Memoirs of A MACK” discourse is the end product of 40 years as one of the premiere Pimp Practitioners’ of my era and personally met and or interacted with most of the Pimp greats of my era in these United States of America. That said, I am by no means an ignorant man. Nor am I the run of the mill pimp; in that I hold both a M Div. and a Doctor of Divinity. It could be said that I exist as a socio-religious anomaly; or something that is, which should not be and yet I am. My intellectual status and street credibility are legitimate. Over the course of this 40-year period in time, I never did a day in a cell for pimping and never told a cop a tale. There will be those that will say that I never existed. Yet, here I am putting pen to paper, enlightening those which entertain the desire to comprehend that which has been misunderstood, since the dawning of time and the institution of civilization. Some might question, was I the best? Only God knows, but I put pen to pape to tell the world how the story goes…
I studied at the feet of the legendary, Grand Master of the Game Fillmore Slim, in order to perfect the age-old art of pimping and to develop a deeper level of Game comprehension. Through Fillmore Slim, I came to know Hollywood Melvin and Pepe Le Phew, two of the best thieving pimps that America has ever known. It was through my affiliation with Hollywood Melvin that I was introduced and laced with multiple variations of the Shot Game. Hollywood Melvin was an older gentleman with arthritic hands and ties to the to a group of the infamous gentlemen of leisure, known as the Magnificent Seven. Melvin worked with me day and night until he was sure that I could transfer my newfound thieving skills to Bianca, my bottom woman. Ultimately, Hollywood told me that he had taught me all that he could and that if I needed further education, I could attain it from Chuck White of the Magnificent Seven, in New York City. Believing that the lifestyle known as The Game was deeper than being a pimp practitioner, I proceeded from under wings of Fillmore Slim and exited the protections of the God Father of The Game to test my own wings. It was the pursuit of knowledge that initiated and ignited my career and travels. These writings on Urban Genre are written from the fly-on the wall perspective, taking the reader on a journey, through the Black Underworld like no other writing of its kind or of this time.