Memoirs of a Mack


JIMI STARR’s novel entitled “Memoirs Of A Mack” is written, from the fly-on the wall perspective, and takes the Reader on a journey to and through the world of Black Criminality like no other writing of its kind or of this time. The content of this discourse speaks of my interactions with Frisco Slim, Hollywood Melvin Salisbury, and the legendary Chuck White of the Magnificent Seven. The “Memoirs Of A Mack” manuscript is the end result of 45 years of nonstop day by day interactions with kingpins and the Elite of the Lifestyle known as the Game.   I am by no means an ignorant man, but rather I am a scholar of both the streets and the university. I hold both, an M.Div. and a Doctor of Divinity.  My intellectual status and street credibility are legitimate.  It could be said that I exist as a political, religious, and social anomaly; or something that is which should not be, and yet I am.  It is my intent to extend an illumination of universal comprehension, which is both systematic and methodical.  The purpose and intent of this unique discourse is to render a pristine understanding of the Sex Trade and the practitioners thereof and for the purpose of Global Posterity.  To this end, the “Memoirs Of A Mack” Manuscript exists as my Thesis Statement, rendered after 45 years of studying and applying the discipline of IZM. “Memoirs Of A Mack” is the most significant and informative literary discourse on the Sex Trade and the lifestyle known as the Game, since the Institution of Civilized Man, at the Dawning of Time Memorial, until date.  The “Memoirs of a Mack” discourse is written and narrated by Jimi Starr, Pimp, Philosopher, and Grand Master of the Game, retired, from the fly-on the wall prospective and viewed thru the philosophical lens of a Grand Master of the Lifestyle known as the Game.  The story-line of this taboo manuscript addresses the Sex Trade and the governing dynamics thereof.  Contrary to popular belief, the Sex Trade is not organized and facilitated by Black Pimps.  Rather, the Sex Trade and its many facets are subject to the concept of Free Market Enterprise and governed by the rudiments of Capital, by way of Supply and Demand.  “Memoirs Of A Mack” sheds a greater enlightenment on the Sex Trade and delves deeper into the psyche of a Pimp and the lifestyle known as the Game, more than any other novel of its kind or of our time.   Over a 45-year course of prescribed time, I never served a day in a cell and I never told a cop a tale. For 10 of those 45 years, I severed as both, protégé and prodigy and personal confident of Frisco Slim, the Godfather and Grand Master of the lifestyle known as the Game. If you are in search of the Wisdom of Ages, look no further, as “Memoirs Of A Mack” is the Book!  Besides this Book, “Memoirs Of A Mack”, there exist no other urban discourse which contains the, “Wisdom Of Ages.”