Pimp Tales


Gentle People,
These revealing, and dramatically shocking inner-city tales contain the painstaking memoirs of my life story. I am Jimi Starr, Master Pimp, retired. From the vantage point of a pimp, this uniquely raw and intriguing manuscript gives a descriptive and rare bird’s eye view of the street life across America that pimps call “The Game.” In the innocence of my own ignorance, and over a period of twenty years, I led a crew of whores and faithful followers across America on a rampage seeking fame in the Game, while pillaging and plundering wealth and devouring the morality of all that I have met. The morbidly gripping and chilling contents of these writings detail my driving ambitions and, at times, sadistic quest to be the best. The contents of this dossier capture elements of my early childhood and focus on the life and death struggles of my ascension to fame, wealth, and power in the Black Underworld, to claim the coveted title of The Master Pimp. This manuscript’s taboo genre takes the reader there. It is a vividly colorful inner-city novel, which describes in great detail, the thoughts, sights, sounds, and scents of the underworld. This work is reflective of my relationship with my mentor, Filmore Slim, the Black Underworld Icon, who was and is a legend and institution in the Game. These writings introduce my encounters with the most foul and degenerate characters of Mimi, the dirtiest bitch in the world, and Anna, her sexually depraved mother; two of the most despicable, and unscrupulous whores who ever squatted and pissed between two feet. This gut-wrenching manuscript graphically details my interactions with larcenous and murderous peers and my ongoing mental manipulations over all that I have met. Witness the step-by-step building of my crew of notorious cross- country whores, who were known throughout the Black Underworld as The Gabor’s.

In conclusion, this expose discloses my eventual spiritual resurrection, and retirement from the life-style known as the Game and the illuminated realization that the simplicity of my humble beginnings would become my ending. Reader, this is the book! There has never been a book quite like this. After this, there will never be another! This small and unworthy novel contains the content and substance of a real pimp’s story.